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We wouldn't have made it without our teachers! We all had our favourites too, so please be inspired to add your name to the list because a lot of us kids would love to say hello - and thanks.

We'd also love to read about how you enjoyed your days in Penang, as they must have been as memorable for you as they were for us! Please write something of your memories and where life has taken you since.

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Those who have gone before

If it comes to my notice that anyone has passed away, I'll post their names here in remembrance. I wish we did not have to put anyone's names here.

Beverley Poole. Staff 1968
Mum took on a teaching position 1968 at the RAAF School in her trained role. Home economics. In 1966, with Mum's encouragement and total support, Dad applied for a teaching position at the RAAF School on Penang Island in Malaysia. This was a game changer and a major impact on the rest of her life.  We lived from January 1967 until December 1969 at No 2 Jalan Ahmid Bin Casa. Hillside. Penang Malaysia. How’s that for a mouthful.  Dad had an ink stamp made.       

At Penang Turf Club she rediscovered golf, which was to become an obsession in her later life.
She played cards at the Runneymede club and Tennis at the Hostie. Meeting many lifelong friends and generally living the high life as an officer’s wife while we kids were being looked after by the mandatory Cook and Amah. It was during these years Mum was able to travel to Japan with Dad.
We had family holidays at Songkla and Bangkok in Thailand Cameron Highlands.  Kuala Lumpur and Malacca in Malaysia; and Singapore. The years in Penang were quite possibly the best years of her life.

Mum slipped away quietly from the effects of breast cancer at first light on Saturday 26th July 2014 to the sounds of light rain outside her window. She is now free from pain. 
(Notified by Phil Poole (son) on 13 January 2015)

BRIAN BOYLE - "It is with some sadness that I must advise you that Dad passed away in May of 2013 at the remarkable age of 93 after a short illness.  Until the very last, dad retained his rather considerable mental faculties and we would often speak at length about our shared time in Malaysia." 
(Notified by Michael Boyle, (son) on 8 January 2014)

ALAN WATMAN - Alan died a few years ago. He and his wife Patti taught there from around 1972-1975. He was a science teacher and she was primary.
(Notified by Janet Carr on 2 March 2013)

ANDREA KOHNE - 13th January 2008 (Infants Annexe, 1978/1979)
(Notifed by Kathleen O'Connor)

BILL WITHERSPOON - December 2012
(Advised by Margaret Witherspoon)


Aspinall, Mariee(Kindergarten) Email 1984-1985
Arkins, Mr Allen   1984-1986
Atkinson, Mr David   1980-1981
Baff, Elizabeth   1970-1971
Barton, Roy   1986-1988
Beechey, Barry   1979-1981
Blake, Cecily   1977 & 1986
Brenner, Bob (Librarian) Email 1968-1980
Briggs, Geoff   1982-1983
Broome, Raylee   1982-1983
Buzaglo, Geoff   1982-1984
Carr, Janet   1972-1974
Cousins, Carol Jill   1973-1974
Cronin, Margaret   1987-1988
Dickman, John   1973-1975
Dundon, Kathleen   1970-1972
Fisher, Mr Lindsay   1978-1980
Folkard, Ross   1976-1977
Hook, Sue Email 1981-1983
Lane, Beth(K2) Email 1962-1964
Marshall, Bruce   1977-1978
McEwan, Mrs Elaine   1974-1976
Millett, Brian   1966-1968
Morrison, Mr John   1983-1985
Moritz, Pamela (Kindergarten)   1985-1987
Narracott, Margaret   1974
Naumann, Lynette   1980-1982
O'Brien, Barbara   1970-1971
O'Kane, Kathleen   1962-1963
Poole, Beverley (dec July 2014)   1967-1969
Poole, Bill   1967-1969
Poyser, Mark   1986-1987
Riddle, Rick   1973-1975
Robinson, Darrell   1980-1982
Shepherd, Colin   1986-1988
Shepherd, Jenny   1974-1976
Skinner, Peter   1972-1975
Smeaton, John Charles   1962-1965
Smith, Mr Eric   1985-1987
Stent, Mr Allan   1972-1974
Stirling, Paul (Maths) Email 1985-1988
Stroud, Verion (Grades 1 & 2) Email 1978-1979
Swanton, Miss Jean   1969-1970
Thomas, Les   1977-1978
Thomas, Mr Wayne   1986-1988
Vermay, Mr Rob   1978-1980
Watson, Sandra   1980-1982
Williams, Greg   1975-1977
Witherspoon, Bill (dec. 2012)   1971-1973