Raylee Broome
Teachers' aide/bus escort/dental escort
Email: lesnray@bigpond.com


Our family was fortunate enough to have two postings to Malaysia. the first: 1974 - 1977; the second: 1981 - 1983.

Our 4 daughters: Michelle, Deborah, Angela and Tamara all attended the RSP. We were posted to Darwin in 1983 where Les and I still live. Angie and Tammy also live in Darwin with their famliies. Michelle and her family are in SA and Debbie and her family are in Qld.

I worked at the Annexe in 1982/1983 as teachers' aide, also escorting the students to the Hostie for 'Dental Parade' and as Bus Escort for the Annexe/Main School/Pulau Tikus run - what an experience.

I have wonderful memories of those times - great school, great staff, great students.

This website is a fantastic - a blast from the past.