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Sharon Verney and Jaye Howden

Sharon Verney and Jaye Howden

It has now been several years since this website was first created (2001) and I am thrilled to see how it has enabled the RSP community at large to be joined once again. Many school friends have been reunited and the school reunions will, I am sure, continue for many years to come.

At date of writing we have enjoyed more than seven School Reunions (Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Penang, Perth, Canberra again and Penang again in late 2010). The common background we shared during our teenage years has formed bonds between us which will last our lifetimes.

So let's share our reunion stories! If you have enjoyed a reunion with your RAAF School friend, or have renewed contact with someone through this site - then why don't you tell us about it!

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Jaye Howden, Sharon Verney 4 July 2011
McConnell, Waixel, Mitchell 16th November 2003
Cynthia Matuschka and Alana Murray June 1998
Frank Shilton, Alana Murray, Cynthia Matuschka February 2007