Story Three
Reunited after 38 Years
February 2007

Frank Shilton, Alana Murray, Cynthia Matuschka

Alana, Frank and Cynthia


How it Happened

Several years ago now, around 1997 (not sure of the year), Frank saw my name on Kayes' website "Penang Talk", where I'd left a message. He contacted me - as I would've contacted him had I seen his name there - and from there we have continued an email and phone friendship.

We remembered each other from our school days and it was terrific to be in touch again and to find out about each other. Frank lives in W.A. and I was living in Queensland at the time.

Since then, I moved to Tasmania and not long after I'd arrived in 2003, Frank and his wife Margaret came to Tasmania on holiday! What a shame that neither of us knew the other was here in the one place, until afterwards! So, we were disappointed not to have caught up then.

When the school reunion in Perth was arranged, it transpired that Frank could not go to that either - as he had already planned and arranged a holiday to Penang and Singapore, and the dates coincided. Not all was lost though, as Frank returned to Perth a couple of days after the reunion and we were able to arrange a rendezvous at, where else but the Lucky Shag! We had a terrific afternoon and the time went much too quickly as it does.

We shared memories, which was interesting as we'd each forgotten and remembered different things but also had a lot of the same memories. Frank told us of his experiences during his holiday. He'd just been to Penang for the first time since he'd left school, and showed his wife Margaret around too - so she can now understand and relate to Frank when he speaks of Penang/Butterworth. We showed him memorabilia from the Reunion and some of the photos. There was so much to talk about, and we had a ball.

Guestbook Entry

I invited Frank to sign the Reunion Guestbook.

"Sorry I missed the reunion but there was a place on this planet even better than Perth on 10th Feb. After 36 years I finally made a trip back to Penang. I had a few Tiger beers for you all over there and you were certainly in my thoughts. Roll on Penang 2010 and I hope to see you all there. Frank"


By Cynthia