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I've started a blog, May 2013, which you may find interesting. It is a place I can directly communicate with you miscellaneous tidbits and general ideas. Mostly it will be used to share communications I receive via email.    

About Me

This website has been fully developed and maintained by me alone. It is often presumed that there is a team behind the project, but in fact no-one else is involved technically. Therefore, all updates and additions are done when I can manage it, so these can sometimes take a little longer than I would like. I try to respond to all emails promptly but if you don't receive a reply straightaway, please be patient or contact me again as sometimes, unfortunately, they slip through the system. I appreciate and value all your messages and feedback!

I attended the RAAF School in my early secondary years and it is the one school of the nine I attended, of which I have the fondest memories. The lifestyle and the novelty of living in a foreign and exotic country helped to make these years the happiest of my youth.


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Disclaimer Posted: 17 June 2012

Thank You

Thank you for visiting the RAAF School website - I hope you enjoyed your tour and trip down memory lane!

Any contributions you can make of photographs, information, memorabilia etc. are always welcome. Especially welcome would be class photos.

This site would not be what it is without the support and assistance of the RAAF School community. I sincerely thank all who have contributed photographs, Austral and other magazines, information and feedback. I've enjoyed meeting so many of you at the reunions - may they continue!

Special thanks for your continuing much-valued support and encouragement with this project. Love to you all.


Cynthia Harris (nee Matuschka)
(RAAF School Penang Student