In the early years of the school, there were three sports houses: Canberra (blue), Sabre (yellow) and Meteor (green). In the mid-60s, Mirage house was added.

Later again the four house names were changed to Hercules and Iroquois, with Mirage and Sabre being retained. In 1986 the four house names were again changed, now down to three: Hornets (yellow), Falcons (blue) and Mustangs (red).

On this page is a selection of sporting memories from the Austral magazine and also those contributed by readers.

Athletic Champions

Swim Team

Patti Nolan, Angela Manthey, Debra Harvey, Alison Hornibrook, Michelle Harvey

House Captains

Swimming Champions

House Captains

Meteor House Captains
Geoff McGuinness and Barbara Ward - receive Champion House Sandilands Cup

Chester White, Bevan Liebke, Suzanne Tongue, Mark Harris, Neville Fairleigh, Judy Smith, Melanie Tongue and Christine Philpott with Gp Capt I.Rose, A.F.C.

Combined Schools Sports (Penang) and Interstate Athletic Championships (Kuala Lumpur)
Bck: C.Myers, B.Ward, S.Erickson, C.Pitman.
Frnt: S.Ross, J.Gurr, D.Patrick

Combined Schools Swimming Meet
Cup Winners
Bck: M.Nott, B.Liebke, R.Eyres, P.Bek
Frnt: A.Bridle, C.Rayner, J.Eyres, M.Tongue, L.Rayner.

Combined Schools' Sports (Penang) and Interstate Athletic Championships (Kuala Lumpur)
Bck: C.Myers, B.Ward, S.Erickson, C.Pitman.
Frnt: S.Ross, J.Gurr, D.Patrick

(Courtesy Robin Tobler)

Swim Carnival
Meteor team

(Courtesy Jan Eyres)

1962 Section Cup Winners
RAAF School Swimming Gala

Air Commodore Ford, Jan Eyres, Peter Bek, Kevin Wilson, Sue Tongue
Bck: Barbara Ward, Geoff McGuinness, Lynnette Rayner, Paul Carter, M. Tongue, Conrad Harding, Mr McLaughan, Mr Nott

(Courtesy Robin Tobler)

1962 Sports Day

(Courtesy Robin Tobler)

1962 Sports Day

(Courtesy Robin Tobler)

Swimming Carnival at Penang Swimming Club

L to R: Sue Erickson??, Christine myers, Ann Portre, Helen Liebke, Jacki Sparling

At Han Chiang High School
Christine Myers, Kathy Foley, Miriam Foley and Cheryl Pitman with their medals

Opening of Annual Athletic Championship
Miriam Foley shakes the hand of Dato Wong, Chief Minister of Province Wellesley and Penang.

(Courtesy Linda Heaton)

Sports Day

Primary Athletes

Sabre Captains - sportswinners

(Courtesy Peter McIntyre)

Soccer Team



Natalie Sutton and Sue Wass
Natalie won a gold medal for coming 1st in the High Jump; Sue a silver medal for coming 2nd in the hurdles. Both competed in the Pan-Malaysian Schools Athletics Carnival

(Courtesy Matt Shields)

Neptune Celebrations

Meteor Under 15 Girls Swim Relay Team
Lyn Hayes, Cheryl Stuart, Janette Prosser

Girls High Jump

Karen Sayer - winner of Bronze medal at Penang Primary Sports Fifth Athletics Carnival at City Stadium.

1966 Swimming Carnival
Mark Paterson - winner of 400 m boys open freestyle

School Athletics Carnival

Winning House: Sabre
Captains John Horner and Sonja Cosgrove being presented with the cup.

Swimming Champs for the day:
Anne Clifford, Christabelle Soos, Ray Williamson, Bill Talbot

1966 Swimming Carnival
Winning House: Meteor
Captain Graham Murphy receiving Swimming Cup from Mrs Townsend

1966 House Water Polo Competition
Winning team: Sabre
L to R: J. Hargreaves, J. Horner, B. Litshfield, P. Bennett, L. Mezzina, M. Cahir, W. Wright

1966 swimmers
(Courtesy Jacqueline Judson)


1966 swimmers
(Courtesy Jacqueline Judson)



1967 Meteor Captains
The Annual Combined Primary and Secondary Athletics Carnival held at Penang Free School

Graham Smith, Cathy Boyle, Sue Thiele, Don Mason

Swimming Representatives
Secondary Invitation Swimming
Deborah Barnes, Leanne Jones, Robynne Dally-Watkins, Jill Graham

Girls Basketball Team

Joan Cullum, Julie Kiepe, Dianne Yeomans, ?, Helen Davis, Sue Pluck ? Sheryl Speedie.
(Coach: Carol Clarkeson)

Athletic Meet Entrants

L to R: Denise Speedie, Jeff Lowe, Maxine Hawes, Doug Murray, Pauline Dent. The Penang Secondary Sports Council held an Invitation Athletic Meet at City Stadium and RAAF School entered 5 athletes as above.

1968 Tennis Team
Back: C. Dainer, M Coleman, G White, J. Furze, P. Elliot, J. Gould
2nd Row: K. Frost, L. Doughty, J. Bouchier, T. Pickering, A. Pickering, R. Burgmann
Front: P. Lawnie, P. Dent, C. Drummond, R. Clayton, C. Boyle, S. Rippengale, M. Campbell

1969 School Athletic Representatives
Back: G. Edwards, C. Stevens, G. Wade, D. Murray, G. White, J. Furze, J. Lowe, M. Stevens, D. Furze, J. Ryan, L. Thompson
Front: P. Dent, C. Drummond, D. Morrow, D. Speedie, Mr Bourchier (Sports Master), J. Coleman, P. Dally-Watkins, R. Evans, E. Parker

(Courtesy Geoff Wade)

1969 Cricket Team
Back: G. Edwards, S. Young, G. Oakley, G. Leighton, G. Smith, J. Ryan, L. Thompson
Front: G. Miles, J. Bourchier, G. White, M. Stevens, D. Coleman

1969 RAAF School Athletics Carnival
Left: Craig Stevens, Geoff Wade, Darryl Furze (Right: Mr Callister (science) and Mr Lee)
Right: Geoff Wade, Craig Stevens, Graham Miles (Mr Lee)
Bottom: Craig Stevens Geoff Wade, Darryl Furze

Netball Team

(Courtesy Denise Gordon)

Softball Team

Standing: John Jackson, David Coleman, Michael Coleman, Jeff Bouchier, John Gould, Alan Davis
Front: Mr Gilligan, Mr Bourchier, Ian Affleck

1969 PSC Seim Gala Cynthia with gold

1969 PSC Summer Swimming Gala

100m breaststroke.
Priscilla Dally-Watkins, Sandra Rippengale, Cynthia Matuschka. (Clorrise Reese handing out medals.)

1970 Girls Basketball Team

Back: A. Manthey, Mr Callister, L. Clark,
P. Nolan
Front: A. Hornibrook, K. Lennox,
M. Hornibrook, P. Bray, D. Harvey

1970 Inter State Representatives
Back: P. Maunder, G. Oakley, G. Leighton, R. Evans, T. Bugden, C. Buffham
Front: C. Thorpe, S. Smith, L. Drummond, P.Nolan, G. Lang

Dolphins Swim Club

Back: Sue Love, ?, Kym Tierney, Theresa Bradley, ? Y. Sinclair, Vikki Baxter
Front: Michelle Harvey, Tracey O'Connor, Christine Reville, Lynda Roach

Galaxy's Basketball Team

Back: ?, Sue Laird, Debra Harvey, Frnt: Janice Brimacombe, Alison Hornibrook, Michelle Harvey, Annette Schmeider

(Courtesy Julie Adamik)

Basketball Team

Back: Julie Hallam, ?, Sue Neilson, Jenny Hodges, Coach(?), Janice Rafferty (and little sister)
Front: Darlene Head, Sheree Vandervelden, Gail Filkin

Gary Browning - Mini Basketball


1974 Athletics Carnival
(Courtesy Deb Wade)

School Athletics Carnival

Secondary Sports

Iriquois Primary
Captains Peter Vincent and Tina with House Trophy

Swim Carnival

Senior Swimming Champs

Boys Basketball

1977 Girls Basketball

Softball Team - AWSC Competition

Back: Sharon Joyce, Valerie Brooks, Jayne Farmer, Angela Carey
Middle: Debbie Handover, Karen Farmer, Cathy Sterling
Front: Gina Ayres, Vicki Brahman, Gayle Hines

Under 12 Swim team - Penang State
G. Hamilton, S. Gannon, K. Bujok, L. Hudson
(Absent: P. Jamieson)

The "Misfits"

4 Sharon Newman,13 Leeanne Steer,
5 Donna Rodger.7 Tracey Newman,
6 Sharon Devlin, 11 Leslie L'Estrelle,
12 Louise Loveday (Capt.),
10 Annette Northfield

(Courtesy Jon Farrar)

Karate Club

Taken on the front steps of the school in 1979.

Boxing Competion
Penang Australian Boys Club
Michael Stollery and John Hardy

Senior Caribous

Back: Mark Williamson, Tim Walker, Conrad Doyle, Russell Cole (Capt.) Dean Lynch
Front: Michael Scott, Derek O'Neill, Craig Smith, Andrew Dibley, Warren Williams

Secondary Girls Swimming Champions

Sharon Kelly, Kim De brabander, Robyn De brabander, Gabrielle McCredden

Swimming Carniv
Natasha Schulz, Lara Whatham

P.A.S.A. Swimming Tea
Back: John Gornall, David Mathieson, Grant Hart, Scott Callinan
3rd Row: Mia Kelly, Kerri Skoczylas, Megan Counahan, Donna Moore, Stephen Donoghue
2nd Row: Zoe Brown, Campbell Misfield, Christopher Killer, Michael Ashbrook
Front: Katherine Weston, Kylie Russell, Rebecca White, Jodie Russell, Paul Rush

Primary Swim Carnival Champs

Golf Champions

PASA Swimmers

Chung Ling School Penang Invitation Runners
Back: Noel McBurnie, Gary Lyons, Jason Clarke
Front: Todd Hyndman, Craig Winn, Phillip Gadzinski


MSSPP Swimmers
Back: Nick Stephens, Craig Wilson, Rachel Meissner, Chris Stephens, Jacki Corlass, Scott Kneen
Front: Kylie Anderson, Marnie O'Brien, Greg Wilson, Jason Krilands, Gillian Corlas, Melissa Everett


Swim Champs