Scouts and Guides

Scout statue

Statue given to Matt Waixel when he left
the 1st Butterworth Senior Air Scouts in 1971

Opening of Scout Hall

Official Opening
(Courtesy Pat Spinks)

Official opening - Scouts/Guides Hall, RAAF Hostel

Air Vice Marshall Cahall cuts the ribbon. Taking part in the ceremony are Scout Master William (Bill) Lee, Air Commodore Townsend, Scout Master Mr. Howard Bray, Cub Master Mrs. Lyn Bray, Senior Sixer Cub Peter Bray, and Senior Scout Michael Bray, Asst Cub Master Mrs Gonnie Fisk. Pat Spinks (left) holds the scissors pillow!

1967 Scouts

1967 Scouts 1967 Scouts back of photograph
(Courtesy Vince Bennett)

The above photo is of scouts in Thau uniform; Mike, Vince and Rick Bennett (brothers) when they visited Butterworth. Pictured with Squadron Leader John Bennett (he may have gone by 'Jack') who they stayed with.
Beside, is the back of the photo.


1967 Scouts with snake
(Courtesy Vince Bennett)


Source unknown but contributed by Vince Bennett.


1970 Langkawi Fly Away Scout Camp

Photos section sent in by Ian Davies (Scout Master and Senior Scout Master from 1968 to 1971) and Frank Shilton.

May 1970
Fly Away Camp group

Airport building
Second camp site

Unloading the Dakota

Loading the bus at Langkawi airport. Wade Halvorson centre.

Frank Shilton

Tanjung Rhu

Duncan Kirk

Duncan Kirk

Airport camp site - dinner time.

Terry Sanderson

Dia - Scout Master


1960 Brownies
(Courtesy Ann Baldwin)

First Malaysian Brownie pack.


1961 Brownies
(Courtesy Sue Tongue)

1961 Brownies

Lined up on the steps of the old school.


(Courtesy Kevin Cragg)

Brownies meeting at the Hostel.
Toni Cragg in foreground,Catherine MacMillan beside.


Lyn Kirby

Lyn Kirby in Brownie uniform

Scout Camp

(Courtesy Noeline Martyn)

1963 Scout Camp
Going on camp to Penang Lighthouse. Scout Leader Geoff Martyn, beside him - Robert Martyn, on roof of boat - Noeline Martin .

Air scouts
(Courtesy Wade Halvorson)

: From 2nd left: John Monaghan, Andrew Pickering
6th from left: Daryl Furze, John Furze
3rd from right: Peter Flemming
5th from right: Geoff Flemming
Middle: 3rd from left: Wade Halvorson
Front: From Left: David Wyatt, ?, Ian Wilson



Butterworth Scout Hall. Malaysian Scout Officials present the 1st B'worth Air Scouts & Cub Masters with Malaysian Scouting Warrants

1969 Scout group

LtoR: Neil Taylor, Peter Jackson, Kevin Cragg

Sleeping platform

Flying fox towers


Frank Shilton in front, Duncan Kirk behind then Neville Mitchell

Scouts & cubs put on a "Display Day & Night" show

An American Scout Troop from Thailand visits the Penang & Butterworth Scouts for a week.

Some of the American visitors.


(Courtesy Matt Waixel)

14 May 1970
Representatives from 1st Butterworth Air Scout Group at St. Marks School, Prai. Presentation of monies earned through the Cents for Service activity to the local school

Scout Camp at RAAF Base

Scout Camp at RAAF Base


Air Scouts

Cub Scouts

1961 Cub Scouts
(Courtesy Steven O'Malley)

Cub Scouts

(Courtesy Robert Styling)

Robert Styling in 23rd Georgetown Cubs.

Andrea, Valerie (Girl Guides), David and Neville Mitchell (Air Scouts)


Ranger Guides
(Courtesy Juliette Meade)

1st Tanjong Bungah Girl Guides

Back: Virginnia Liggit, Juliette Meade, visiting Malay guide, visiting Malay guide, visiting Malay guide, unknown, unknown, Paula Mumford

Front: kneeling: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Karen Goodwin, Unknown, Caroline Hill, Vicki Webb, Samantha Browne, Unknown, Unknown, Kirstina Allwright

Girl Guides
(Courtesy Juliette Meade)

1st Tanjong Bungah Girl Guides


(Courtesy Edgar Eyres)

Chief Minister ([political] who represented king of Malaya) inspecting the leaders, from each state represented. He is accompanied by Chief Scout Penang, his deputy and Peter Fairey. (Peter was part of the British Consular staff). On far right of photo are two representatives of a British troop from Taiping.

(Courtesy Adalyn Griffiths)

Cub Scouts and Cub Scout leaders