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It may well be that not many of us have kept letters sent or received during the time we lived in Malaysia. Thank goodness for the foresight of some though. These letters have been kept and were given to me by kind permission of the owner (recipient) with full permission to publish them on this site. Not only has permission been granted, but due to an understanding of the importance and relevance of the content of the letters, it was the expressed desire that they be published and thereby shared and appreciated by everyone.

By reading these letters, you will find your memories once again refreshed in a very real way, as we read what could be what we ourselves might've written. There are some brilliant and humourous anecdotes of just how it was for us all. The names have been changed.

8th May 1986

8 May 1986
25th June 1986
25 June 1986
18th November 1986
18 November 1986
23rd July 1987
23 July 1987
1st September 1987
1 September 1987


Reproduced by permission

The sentiments and opinions expressed within are that of the author at the time.