Every now and then a photograph is contributed which I consider to be especially significant or representative of the times. I am thrilled to be able to share these, my favourites, with you all and thank everyone for their assistance in contributing!

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do. They are in no particular order.

Radio RAAF Butterworth announcers
(Courtesy Tricia Cook)


Radio RAAF Butterworth (RRB) Volunteer Announcers!

2nd from left:
Host of late evening show.
4th from left: Denise Guest
5th from left:
Mrs Barbara Cook. Barbara was the Senior Announcer in 1965 and 1966 and worked the breakfast shift (from 6:00 a.m to 12 noon).
Far Right:
Marlene Tankard
2nd from right: Judy Dunn
3rd from right:
Mrs Janet Ingall

4th from right: Denise Guest

L to R:
Michael Greyson (British Army), ?, Ray Jennings (RAAF),
L to R from 5th left: *Brian Duddington, Tony Semmler (RAAF Technician), F/Sgt Kennewell (RAAF Technician), Andy Nagy (Aust. Army), Bob Smith (RAAF), Mal Musgrave (Aust Army).
13th left Dave Grainger (RAAF).

* Brian was at the time senior announcer and host of Saturday Night’s Party Time.


1958 Class
(Courtesy Lyn Donald)

September 1958

Teacher: Mrs Donald

Teaching grades 5 and 6 in the former ballroom of the Mayor's residence, Georgetown. This is the earliest class photo we have, long before RAAF School was built in 1962.

This interim School was established in August 1958, in a building formerly occupied by the Mayor of Georgetown but at the time vacant. The School catered for infants and primary children. The first Principal was Mrs Dawson, an ex-graduate school teacher and wife of the then Civilian Financial Advisor. The staff of female teachers was recruited from wives of servicemen - mostly RAAF, but some Army wives.

For more information see School History section.

Snows Club
(Courtesy Claire McLucas)


Senior NCO's (Non-Commissioned Officers) Club

Affectionately known as "Snows" - a contraction of "Senior NCO's - the club was a hub of social life amongst the ranks and their families. This photo is the only one we have of the club, and it is a very good one. Located on Tanjong Tokong Road. Car in front possibly a Dodge Phoenix.

RAAF Hostel 1973
(Courtesy Sean Sunley)

The RAAF Hostel

This is a terrific photograph of the Hosty as it was in 1973, still gleaming new in comparison to the state it's in in 2006. In the foreground driving through the gate is the Sunley family car, a tiny blue two door Austin A30. Classic Penang transport.

For more on our beloved hosty, go to RAAF Club.

New Housing
(Courtesy Robert Styling)


Housing Development Construction
Jalan Azyze, Hillside

What a gem this is! The commencement of building work on the residences on Jalan Azyze, where our school was. We have all been on this street many, many times, either by bus, cycling or walking. Of course those who lived here traversed it daily. Very much a part of our school days.