School Productions


(Courtesy Jim Smith)

John Cook and Don Graham at a School Concert. They borrowed some RAAF uniforms, ''modified' them and performed the comic duet of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Bold Gendarmes" (or "The Gendarmes' Duet")

(‘We’re public guardians, bold, yet wary, And of ourselves we take good care!’…with its chorus ‘We run them in, we run them in, we show them we’re the bold gendarmes!’)



The school concert was part 25th Anniversary Celebrations in 1984.


1984 Pinnochio Theatre Production

RAAF School Butterworth presented Pinocchio. Just look at these talented students! The musical was directed by Mr and Mrs Bourke and included an underwater scene.

1987 Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat
RAAF School staged a major musical production "Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat" during the school's last full year. Under the supervision of Noel Frith, students from years 4 to 10 were involved. The musical was held at the RAAF Hostel on 18 November at 8.00 pm. and at the Butterworth Base Theatre on the morning of Friday 20 November 1987.


Wizard of Oz
(Courtesy Deb Wade)

1974 Wizard of Oz
75 students presented the one and a half hours of The Wizard of Oz, on 14, 20 and 22 August 1974. Included in the cast were Anne Ashton, Tim Blankley, Geoff Meacham, Cathy Rodgers, Ian Douglas, Jeanette Melville and Susan Weller. Ian Douglas played the Wizard. 


RAAF School Butterworth presents Peter Pan.
The pirates were played by Year 6 and Captain Hook by Luke Silvester.

Electives and Music

1965 Doll Show
Joanne Wrigley won the prize for the best "Cuddly Doll" and Debra Murry gained 1st for her "Bride Doll."

(Courtesy Talees Baensch)

Choir Group


Members of School Orchestra
L to R:
John Hunt, Brian O'Connell, Deborah Ginman, Graham Smith, Jane Nicholson, Robyn Carswell, Jeffrey Compton, Leonie Jones, Karen Sayer, Dianna Hardy, Alan Judson, Colin Hansen

Recorder Group
Conducted by Miss Flanagan
Middle: With white headband - Joyce Dobson.
Back R to L: Christine Drummond (vocalist), Gaylene Hall, Rhonda Neilen. Back corner with thin white hair band - Kaye Stevens. To her left, Margaret Nolan.
Graham Abbott, in dark shorts.

This image was taken at a concert at which the recorder group performed at an inter-school concert at another school in Georgetown.

(Courtesy Sue Langsford)

School Recorder Band
Sue Langsford is playing cymbals middle row, second left.

(Courtesy Chris Crossley)

Recorder Band

L to R: Sheree O'Leary, Graham Abbott, Joyce Dobson...
Far right: Chris Crossley

Music Class

Year 8 Showcard and ticket writing.


1978 Photography Elective

Year 4 Photography elective

1079 Typing Elective

Year 7 Typing elective

1979 Year 8 Hostess Cookery

1979 Year 8 Hostess Cookery
"We (Sarah Niner, Sharon Paul, Cathy Beard, Helen Coops, Ann-Maree Paine, Tracey Newman, Teri Shand, Melinda Carney, Nicole Johnston, Cathy Jacobs and Tracey Cooper) learn how to make delicious meals like Sweet and Sour Pork, Roast dinners and cheesecakes. We also learn how to entertain important people. Members of staff were invited to the meals we had prepared, At first it was embarassing watching the teachers eating food that we had cooked, but we got over that after a while. We think it is a very good elective as you have fun making and eating meals while youlearn to be a good hostess. We are glad we picked it."
By Terry Shand and Ann-Maree Paine

RAAF School Radio
Secondary Electives were taken for 3 periods each week. For Years 9 and 10 there were Photography, First Aid, Plastics, Typing, Windsurfing, Aeromodelling, Child Care, Life Saving and Radio presentation.

Kirrily Welsh & Kirrily Howell - kite making at interest elective


School Activities

(Courtesy Alison Holt)

Talent Quest
5th from left: Alison Holt

(Courtesy Alison Holt)

Juniors Keep Fit

Teacher: Sylvia Holt

(Courtesy Alison Holt)

Junior Keep Fit Class

(Courtesy Alison Holt)

Mothers' keep fit class


1964 School Visitors

Mr Tye, Mr Jenkins, Mr Fairbairn (Minister for Air) , Mr McFarlane, Air Commodore Ford, Grp Captain Marsh visit the school.

1966 Violin Recital

1966 Violin Recital
A highlight of the year's assemblies was a recital given by the internationally-known Filipino violinist, Gilopez Kabayao.


1975 1st Battalion Army Band

1st Battalion Army Band

The band gave an excellent performance, playing songs such as If I Were a Rich Man and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. The Bandmaster created hilarity when a student was given the opportunity to conduct the band.

1978 Archery  Demonstration

Archery Demonstration

Archers from the Air Base, Butterworth Archery Club (A.B.B.A.C.) visited the school on 5th May, much to the delight of students, some of whom were permitted to try their hand at the bow.

1978 Royal Australian Regiment Band

The Band of the 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

The band, from Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Qld, was in Penang for three months as part of the Army's ground defence at Butterworth Air Base.

Malaysian Theme Week

Malaysian Theme Week
26-29 April 1983

29 April 1983 saw "Malaysian Day" at the school. There were presentations by local schools and demonstrations of traditional games, sports and martial arts. The oval was converted to a Makan extravangaza with local stall holders selling their delicacies for lunch, while kite flying, lion dancing, trishaw rides, karate and even a snake charmer completed the festivities.

Anzac Day

1974 Anzac Day

"So why should I care about this Anzac day
Am I being punished for some wrong deed
by standing here remembering deadmen that took the lead
I am only ten, what do you expect?
for me to break down and cry
'bout dead soldiers, and Gallipoli where they died?
But something inside makes me still and scared.
What would I do if I took their place?
Would I fight the enemy and keep my face?
I start to wonder and realize
These were true men...not flies, or mice that scamper through windows and door...
These were the Australian, New Zealand Army Corps.

Barney McMahon, F3

1966 Anzac Day


1973 Anzac Day



1975 Anzac Day


1978 Anzac Day


1984 Anzac Day


1984 Anzac Day


1970 Event in School Assembly Hall

The occasion is unknown. I have these photos because they were left behind at the Brisbane School Reunion.

1970 Assembly
1970 Assembly
1970 Assembly
1970 Assembly
1970 Assembly