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23rd July 1987

Dear Wally,

First of all my apologies for not writing for so long. Believe me I've been so slack in the literary field the mind melts up here I'm sure.

Well I suppose mum and dad have told you all about Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and life in the fast lane. They were amazed at the traffic and the cultural differences around the area.

We had approval from Canberra to go home in December (ie back to Australia). We'll probably be posted to Melbourne.

July 27th

I had 3 sets of visitors whilst trying to write this the other night so here goes again. We got our early return date so Andrew can do part time uni or RMIT for Electronic Engineering. If he's successful with part time he'll apply for full time (RAAF will pay all fees) the following year.

Dec is also a good time to go home and get schooling for Sam and kinder for Jenny arranged as well. Jenny goes 3 mornings a week to organized playgroup (like a kindy!)

Sam is enjoying his schooling at present. They have a good deal of outings to go to. He has finally started to eat and has put on 4 kilos in recent weeks.

We are at present experiencing the joys of a Malaysian wet season. We had a power failure Friday morning at 3.30 am and it was restored at 6.20 pm Friday night. We lost power for 3 and a half hours on Saturday as well. It didn't go down too well with no ceiling fans etc.

We're off to another Rotary Installation Dinner on the 15th August. This time we're going with a Chinese man.

We're also going out to dinner 17th August compliments of Chan who owns the makan at the boatie (the restaurant). He's taking all the committee members and their wives out as a farewell to the Vice Commodore and another committee member.

We've brought a Commodore 64 computer with the disc drives etc. We mainly play games on it. My favourite is hangmaths. It's like hangman only with maths.

We've got a great deal to do before we go home. The inventory of furniture and goods is a real pain I can tell you I'm not looking forward to all the writing it entails.

I'm busy at present trying to organise the ladies darts luncheon. I'm acting president for 5 weeks. I'm actually the vice president. We've got the doubles competition this week. I don't know how I'll go. The names are drawn out of a hat for partners.

The Australian Airforce pulls out out of here next year, but there will still be a skeleton staff for the Orions (submarine trackers).

We met a couple of English people from the British army serving in Hong Kong last weekend when we stayed at Batu Ferringhi (on Penang). We had a really good time talking to them. He came from 10 mins away from Andrew's hometown.

Well must close sorry it's a pretty uneventful letter but we're on the wind down now 5 mths to go.

Love to all



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