Lindsay Fisher

On a recent visit (2001) to Penang, Gavan Welsh (teacher 1979-81) and myself (taught 1978-80) called at the Hostie and asked the security guard at the gate if we could have a look around. Surprisingly he said no, but maybe if we came back tomorrow....Clearly he didnt appreciate the great heroics we had displayed on the basketball, volleyball and tennis courts some 20 years earlier!

His refusal left us somewhat disappointed as he obviously didn't appreciate the importance of this pilgimage in our twilight years. Then as we walked slowly back to the car he asked which way we were going, and when we said back towards town he asked if he could get a ride! We grudgingly agreed and set off.

As we came to the roundabout at Sunrise, our passenger commented that we should know him. As the other passenger and I turned to look at the "free loader" in the back seat, I had no idea who he was. He then said he used to ride a bike (well, didnt we all!) and that he had a great voice! As we turned into Burmah Road, Gavan and I were becoming increasingly uneasy with passenger. Again, I checked to see if I could recognize him, still no idea. Then he announced that he used to sell "curry puffs, chicken pies, donuts" etc from the back of his bike.

Well so it was. Here was the pieman, 20 years older! And so we stopped, exchanged addresses, took photos, talked etc.

As we left him we commented about how small the world is and how we didnt look a day older!