Brian Millett



Since leaving RAAF School, Penang, where I was a Teacher/Librarian I have taught Primary classes in West Sydney (1969), Team Leader at Aiwo Primary School, Nauru (1970-1971),Secondary English/History at Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill, NSW (1971-1996) and also at Appleby College, Oakville, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1989).

When in Penang, I was accompanied by my wife, Penny, and our three little boys, Simon (aged 8), Andrew (7) and Jason (3). Our daughter was born after we went back in 1973 and we have 8 grandchildren.

Our time in Penang was a treasure in our lives and we all remember just how unique an experience it was. I've been asked to write an informal history of the RAAF School and to focus on its establishment and its place in Australian,Asian and Malaysian understandings.

What I have been asked to do is to try to evoke the period and to try to make something of the way in which Australians grappled with establishing family life in Penang when we had far less sense of our place in Asia than at present. Can any reader help me with this? I've since retired from teaching and live in Yass near Canberra.

My phone number is 02 6226 3514. I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone out there.

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