Margaret Cronin(Mrs)
1987-1988 - Yrs 5 and 6

I was fortunate to accompany my husband on two postings to Penang / Butterworth.

On the first trip 1980 - 1982 we lived on the mainland and I worked part-time at the RAAF Preschool, Butterworth. On the second trip 1987 - 1988 we lived on the island and I taught part time at RAAF School Penang in 1987 and Year 5 / 6 in 1988 until the school closed in July.

Our four children attended the school, the youngest at the Kangaroo Den Preschool which moved from the "Hostie" to the main school.

We have been back to Malaysia a few times since leaving in 1988 and have noticed many changes both to the RAAF and school "memories". I can remember doing yard duty in the pouring rain while the children continued to play soccer, coming back into class saturated.And there was the egg-throwing competition just before the Easter holidays when someone substituted a tray of raw eggs in with the boiled eggs!

I am still teaching, now in Victoria.