2007 Reunion
Saturday, 10th February
Perth, W.A.

Western Australian Rowing Club Boathouse, Riverside Drive Perth

Reunion Guestbook

The guestbook is provided for all Reunionists. Let's hear how you enjoyed the evening/weekend! I encourage everyone to jot something down, as this is history in the making and we don't know where it will end. One thing's for sure though, your input into these pages will ensure the site is interesting for others and will help keep the fun alive.

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The photographs page is not finished yet, but you can see most of the ones I took on the evening. Other photos are of course WELCOME! You can email these to me or pop them on a disk and post to:

C. Matuschka
RAAF School Penang Web
PO Box 4502
Bathurst Street



A report on the sixth RAAF School Reunion.



Who Was There

A list of names of those who attended the reunion.



We are able to order more keyrings, if there is enough interest. See the home page to participate in the poll so we can gauge the likely number of sales. The purchase price to cover costs would be $10.00 including postage. We'd need a minimum order of 50 to place an order.



A Reunion Story

While I was in Perth, I had a mini-reunion with a friend from RAAF School, who is sorry he couldn't be at the reunion. But, he was somewhere even better! Read on...

Mini Reunion







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