Not much is recorded about the barracks. This site is an attempt to fill a void by collating as much information and history as possible so that it is available for everyone.

Minden Barracks was utilised by various regiments and battalions from 1939 to 1971, including being occupied by the Japanese (after the British withdrawal in 1941) during the 2nd World War. Image is of the plantation before being converted to the barracks.

Situated in the foothills on the eastern side of Penang island, the barracks served as the home of the Australian battalions whilst serving in Malaya. They also served as headquarters for KOYLI and various other regiments and battalions of the British, RAF and Army during the latter forties from the Malayan Emergency and Confrontation, until 1971. Learn more…

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Fig 1. Minden Barracks logo

British Army Children's School

The BACS was in operation from 1960 to closing on 9th July 1971. Photo below shows part of the complex in 1961.

 The school encompassed the BACS (British Army Children’s School), or the BAFS (British Armed Forces School), and was for children of Armed forces servicemen, Army and RAF children, as well as any civilians working with the Forces.
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Minden Barracks School