Class Photos


We have had several class photos added to this page recently, and this is good news because it means they are of historical significance and can now be preserved here indefinitely.

Very many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to submit their photos. Any new additions are always welcome.


1961 - Infants

1961 Infants The only names I remember are of children sitting by the  wall - from the front:
?, Sandra Hayes (whose father, I think, was a padre and sometimes lead assembly in the hall), Colleen ?, Ingrid Sofrin and me, Wendy Miller - the only one who wasn't paying attention!
(Courtesy Wendy Tutty - nee Miller)



1962 - Class J1

1962 Class 1J
(Courtesy Wendy Tutty - nee Miller)

The names I remember are:
Back row of boys - Robert Shaw, ?, ?, ?, Walter Lannigan.
Next row - Lorraine Smith, Anne Cranch.
Next row - Angela Mahony, Ingrid Sofrin, Wendy Miller, Deidre Hall.
Next row - Pat Murphy, Pat Floyde, Pat Faulkner, Marion ?
Front row of boys - Peter ?, Kenny Innes, Paul Gregory, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.


1963 - J2

(Courtesy Steve Crossman)

Middle row, 2nd left: Steve Crossman

1963 - J4

1963 - Junior 4
(Courtesy Mrs Chris de Cordova)


(All 1964 courtesy Susanna Hall)

1964 Infants
1964 - Junior 2

1964 Junior 5
1964 - Junior 5

1964 Infants
1964 - Infants
(Robert Hall, 4th from rt, back row)


(Courtesy Steve Hudson)



(Courtesy Cavan McCann)
Grade 3

(Courtesy Cavan McCann)
Grade 2

(Courtesy Cavan McCann)

1966 Form 1
(Courtesy Mark Hollands)

(Courtesy Neil Sheppard)

Back row: 5th from left: Neil Sheppard

Can anyone help with which grade this was please?




1967 Class 
(Courtesy Charles Norman)


1968 - Class J2

1968 class
(Courtesy Matt Hawkins)
Teacher: ???

(Courtesy Jim Messer)

(Courtesy Steve Raeside)

1968 class
(Courtesy Rodney Pocock)
Peter Pocock, 4th from right, back row.



1969 class
(Courtesy John Coles)

1969 class 
(Courtesy Matt Hawkins)
Class J3 - Ms O M Snalam


(Courtesy Jim Messer)



(Courtesy Jennifer Brewer)
Mr Webb

Back row:
Joel ?, ?, David Robinson, ?., Clive Chapman, Steve Hudson,?, Liam Taylor,?, Brian Lynch, Mr Webb
Middle Row:
?, Josephine Brewer,?,?,Sharon Quinn, Jennifer Brewer, Dorothy?,?,?
Front Row:
Steve Brennan,?, Michael Robinson ,?, Jim Skully,?,?,?,?,?,?, Tommy Mernor,?