Miami Beach, Penang   
Miami Beach Sunset, Penang and the Rock Pools (Waterfalls)
(by Cynthia)


If you would like a copy of the DVD which was played at the Welcome Dinner
(the quality of the DVD is good, and cannot be compared to what you saw at the welcome dinner)
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Kek Lok Si stall Kek Lok Si stall A rare sight now. Taken from the bus. Milk Remember Magnolia Icecream? Kek Lok Si shop Kek Lok Si

Message from Cynthia
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324 Combat Support Squadron - New "Hosty"
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Well I'm just home from yet another fantastic reunion week in Penang! From my observations, everyone has enjoyed the week tremendously and spirits have been consistently high throughout.

All arrangements went very smoothly, from the travel and transfers to the organised tours and accommodation. A big thank you to Joanne Rickard of The World @ Braeside Travel for the major part she has played. Jo went the extra 'mile' and stayed with us for the whole week to ensure everything ran smoothly - which it did. As I write, some folks are still in Penang....

Apart from a few unfortunate personal incidents such as losing cameras (check your belongings before alighting from your taxi or bus!!) and falls, the reunion was a huge success. I measure this by the fact that everyone I spoke with was enjoying the week and could only sing praises for the organisation of the tour - attributable to Jo and the Committee members and the wonderful staff at the Bayview..

Other than the tours, we had lots of free time to indulge in whatever way we chose. Popular activities were visiting our old homes, the rock pools (waterfalls opposite the Bayview) and other favourite destinations; shopping, motorbike riding, jetskiing, relaxing by the pool, sampling the local cuisine, enjoying the nightlife of the Hard Rock Cafe next door, and generally taking in as much as we possibly could of Penang!

From a personal viewpoint, I'd like to thank everyone SO much - it has been fabulous to be with you all again, and to be back in Penang! I feel I have made some very close friends and for that I am grateful. I always find it an emotional experience, and for me just to be in Penang is surreal. I know I'm not alone there.

Special mention should be made of the Swimming Club and RAAF School tours. Be especially grateful because this may well be the last time we will be able to enjoy those visits.

It was unfortunate the RAAF Hostel has been demolished, but those who attended the 2005 reunion will remember the building at least still standing.

A more detailed reunion report should be forthcoming in due course, if I haven't put too much pressure on my 'volunteer'!!

I'll also be adding more as I get around to uploading some photos. Also stay tuned for an exciting upgrade to the website!

4 October 2010



I've just uploaded a rough selection of images from my week.

If you would like your photos on the site then they will most likely be presented in Gallery format as this is. So if you can sort your photos into folders of events or subject and caption them appropriately, then that will make it easy for me to drop them into albums and display them here.

OR, if you have a link to another site, then I can also place the link here if you prefer. Whatever suits you!

Cynthia's Gallery by Cynthia Matuschka

Verion Stroud by Kevin Cragg

Verion Stroud by Verion Stroud



NB: This may vary slightly as it's personalised from my itinerary.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Arrived in Penang - 11am
Arrived at Bayview Beach Resort - 12 midday

Monday, 27 September 2010

Free day.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Half day Penang sightseeing tour. From 9am.
Visited Reclining Buddha Temple, Kek Lok Si Temple and Fort Cornwallis.

Welcome Dinner - 7pm

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

RAAF School tour. From 9am.
BASE tour (the only one I didn't join). (And I believe the base pool is still there - some people thought it had gone, but others saw it this trip.)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Half day tour to Batik Factory, Spice Garden and Butterfly Farm. From 9am.

Penang Swimming Club Dinner - 5pm

Friday, 1 October 2010

Free day.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Farewell Dinner - 7pm. Due to inclement weather this was held in the verandah area. Bagpipes were to be heard much later on in the evening - played by David Sinclair.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Leave Bayview Resort 2pm for Penang airport, KL airport, Melbourne then - home to Tasmania.



This is a rough-ish list, but it may be of interest for those who would like to remember names of people they've met, or contact them.

Who was there View the database.



Padre Griffiths I thought it relevant to pop this section on the reunion page, as a lot of people had a large association with the old RAAF Club, or Hosty as we called it, and may well have been disappointed this week to find the hosty had gone. Those who attended the 2005 reunion were fortunate to be able to access that building but since then it has been demolished. For interest then, here is some information on the new hostel.

This is the link to the Squadron currently based at Butterworth. You will find a lot of information on the Squadron and its role in Butterworth today.

One of the highlights of my week in Penang was a visit to the current Hosty (with Trish and Jenny on our personal city tour) and being welcomed and signed in by Sqdnldr Dean Griffiths! (You'll remember Padre Griffiths spoke at our Welcome Dinner on Tuesday night) The visit came about in a circumspect way via a visit to Trish's previous house at Hillside, where we were met by an Australian in the RAAF! Very coincidental, and fortuitous. Ian (last name withheld) was very accommodating and friendly and after giving us a tour inside and outside his home, gave us the address of their Hosty. So later that day we went to have a look. I wasn't at all expecting to be allowed in past the guard and had only anticipated maybe being able to take one photograph from the gate.

We timed our visit well however, and were honoured with a guided tour of the premises. They have a very pleasant bar/dining area and lounge. The complex also has a swimming pool, tennis courts, children's play area and large grounds for car parking etc.

Some photos. L to R, the exterior of the building, the bar/dining area, recreation area, swimming pool.

Hosty exterior   Hosty bar   Hosty recreation   Hosty pool



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