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Penang Reunion
2-9 September 2005

Welcome to these pages and may they grow as your photographs and contributions are received.

I have no doubt whatsoever that our Penang School Reunion tour will be forever remembered by all those who attended. From my perspective, every single person I spoke to was experiencing one of the most special, moving and memorable times of their lives - again! We had returned to the place where it all started and so naturally those old memories were being refreshed and it was as close as we'll ever come to travelling back in time to the happy, youthful and exuberant days of our youth.

We witnessed one another re-living and recalling past times as we toured the old school, the base and the Penang Swimming Club. More than a few tears were elicited from more than one set of eyes at different times throughout the week as we were carried along on the rising and falling crests of the waves of emotion so close to our hearts.

Peruse these pages - send in your messages and photographs to share. When you send them, please remember to provide me with as much detail as possible, especially with names.

Thank you to everyone for their feedback and encouragement with the website. And thank you for making it a very, very special holiday for me. I just hope you all enjoyed it at least as much as I did. I will never forget this trip and like many of you I'm sure, I look forward to the next, and the next...


Barry Hull and Greg Mead

Bayview Resort Pool Bar

At the Eden Cafe

RAAF Hostel front

Moon Cakes at PSC

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