RAAF School Reunion
Melbourne, Victoria
31 May 2003

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Report on the Night
by Lana Rowell

Firstly, I want to thank all those people that attended and made a special effort to fly from interstate to join us.

I would personally like to thank those people that assisted me, Vicki Rowell, Karen Svensson, Kirrily Welsh, Odette Reitano, Cynthia Matuschka and my MC - Phil Jolly.

Let's begin with the arrival and collecting of name-tags and a special souvenir pen which was scripted with (R.A.A.F School Reunion 2003) for a keepsake.

Then it's off to get a drink and look for any familiar faces.

The food provided was in the form of a cocktail function with waitresses walking around offering different types of delicacies, Mmmm.

I organised a professional photographer to take some photos and then she was off to get them developed and have them back by the end of the night for people to purchase for $12.
We gathered all the people from different years, firstly the 60's group shot, then the 70's then the 80's. A special mention to Mark Bowden for his effort to fit into the 80's photo.

After the frenzy of the photos it was time to have a "Let's remember our School Days" by holding a quiz.

Karen Svensson and I had all the questions ready. The prizes were a bag of lollies which people seemed to appreciate. As you can imagine the event got out of hand and was really funny if you were not drinking. Good on you Karen for holding that one together.

Flashback time - lets get the Mojo moving. Time Warp, Nutbush, Footloose, My Sharona, you name it we had it. Groovy Baby, Yeah.

It was now coming to that time of the night when there were some important announcements to make.

The one very special person who has spent many hours of her own time to put together the wonderful web page "RAAF School Malaysia". Thank you for the memories. We congratulated Cynthia Matuschka by handing over a bottle of wine and a Guestbook** with comments from people who attended on the night.

Well my time is up, cheers for now and I look forward to seeing everyone next year in March for the Brisbane School Reunion and signing the Guest Book.

Lana Rowell
Melbourne 2003 Organiser

by Cynthia

Thanks Lana for the above report on our very special night! I'd like to add something regarding the Guestbook presented to me. I am thrilled to have this book and thank you all sincerely, especially Lana. However I consider that it belongs to the RAAF School community and I intend to take it with me to future reunions so we can fill in the blank pages. It will be a treasure of memories for future years and hopefully, many, many more reunions.

I intend to scan the pages in due course to display on this site.

Cynthia Matuschka

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